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Creation of a Happiness Culture

What can we do to increase the employee satisfaction rate?

After many years of personal and business consulting I realized that key words to achieve a high level of employee satisfaction and motivation are "APPRECIATION" and "ACKNOWLEDGEMENT". What if we focused on appreciating and acknowledging employees in addition to our goals?

In many companies, the employees are treated like a machine, with the sole purpose to only bring good results. They are set under pressure by the management to achieve higher and higher goals. There is nothing wrong with having increased profits or sales, but if we forget HUMANITY, we might reconsider for a moment and rethink the existing corporate culture. I've met many employees under stress at work who compensated by depending upon alcohol or drugs to relieve the pressure of reaching their goals. Is this the right way? Certainly not! We need a revolution in the management. We should talk more with our employees rather than talking about them.

The secret to success as a project leader is "appreciation of the work done" and "acknowledgement". I remember a very important project which we completed on time at the end of the year. To each of my project members I wrote a card acknowledging that we wouldn't have been able to finish the project without them, and it showed in great results.

Their response was overwhelming. Everyone commented that they never received such appreciation and acknowledgement of their work before. As a project leader, we are nothing without the team. As a leader of a company, we are nothing without our employees. Each of them is as important as everyone else. Why? Like every single part of a watch, if one piece is missing nothing works.

Who is the most important person in a hotel? The hotel manager? No! The person with whom the customer contacts first on the phone or at the reception desk - it doesn't matter. If there is an unpleasant experience, the customer won't do business there, and it can happen in all hotel categories.

My approach is to initiate a new awareness in the management. We need a REVOLUTION. We've probably all experienced a change in an organizational structure, expecting results but nothing improved.

We need to take more care about our employees and show more humanity. More money isn't always the best solution. We can make a difference with more kindness, respect and appreciation for everyone - including ourselves. We are able to create a "feel good" field with no cost, just by using our soft skills.

Let's create a Happiness Culture to receive the best results.

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