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How to reward employees best

Companies with strong recognition programs have increased productivity, lower job turnover and better results than other companies.

What should be offered for employees?

1. Helping to find a healthy work-life-balance e.g. offering afterwork sport events.

2. Offer the right task to the employees. They can feel motivated to put in more effort out of enjoyment for what they do.

3. A cash reward including a sincere handwritten note with a short explanation.

4. Giving out gifts which are personalized e.g. a gift card for an upcoming game or a gift card for a special store the employee likes to shop. A short trip or invitation to a dinner.

5. Non-cash benefits like flexible work options, the ability to choose assignments or to allow to work at home.

6. Just providing positive feedback to show their contributions are valued. It could be a "thank you" for an information that supported a task to be fulfilled more smoothly.

Employees long for autonomy, the freedom to choose how to do their work. They want to appear competent, having the skills which are needed to perform. And they want to feel a sense of belonging by socially connecting with colleagues in a meaningful way or being invited to special meetings by the company.

Companies should find the right combination of money and soft rewards. Managers should be trained to gain a new awareness of how important "Appreciation" and "Acknowledgement" is for employees to feel satisfied, more motivated, engaged and committed to their workplace. A simple "Thank you" can change a lot in someone's world. Never underestimate this two little words and use them as often as you can. Not only in the business world but also in your daily life. Make the difference.

Thank you for reading this article.

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